Payroll Service

Preparing your own payroll can be an extremely time consuming task, which of course requires you to keep uo to date with the latest rule changes imposede by the Inland Revenue.
How much time can you devote to understanding Tax Credits, S.S.P. or S.M.P.?

Already over 100 clients ranging from as little as a single person payroll to companies with over 100 employees are enjoying the time benefits and cost savings of having our bureau prepare their payroll for them.

Nothing could be easier to operate - all you have to do is provide us with the gross payments required on a pre-agreed date each period, and we will do the rest:-

A Prepare employees payslips and post them to you by return of post
B Prepare month-end payroll analysis
C Prepare P45s where necessary
D Complete your payslip booklet so all you have to do is write the cheque and post the payment
E We also prepare your year-end for you, which includes:
Completing the P35
P14 for both PAYE and National insurance
Employees P60

We operate a very strict confidentiality policy, only divulging information to pre-agreed personnel.
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.CLICK HERE to download the Payroll File (Microsoft Excel .xls file, size 28kb), then simply fill it in and return it via email, fax or post!